Terry E. Lyle

Authoress Terry E Lyle is known first and foremost as a Christian. She has a great sense of humor and she loves to make people laugh and she loves children. She’s always had the heart to teach everywhere she goes. She tries to share some wisdom like King Solomon from the Bible but when you get to know her, you’ll understand why all of her work is realistic, engaging, and entertaining because she speaks from the heart and it will be advantageous to read all of her books because you will not want to miss anything from this authentic and unapologetically Nubian Queen, Authoress Terry E. Lyle.






This book is dedicated to all of the people out there that have questioned themselves when they had a difficult choice to make in a delicate situation. Wanting to do what's right when sometimes it didn't seem like the popular choice. Sometimes you just wanted to go along with the program because you didn't want to appear lame and have the spotlight on you. Nor be labeled as the person who couldn't follow through on anything when a decision was left up to them. Hating to be that person who labored intensively over making the wrong choices. Ultimately whether right or wrong you will never please everyone, but being broken on the inside will definitely affect your points of view and your decision-making process.

So just go with it because everyone is allowed to make mistakes we're human and flawed just like everyone else!!! So I dedicate this book with open humility to the confident, boastful, timid, arrogant, compulsive, and empathetic people. Knowing that together we share one thing in common and that is, we're all broken from the inside. Accepting your limitations and understanding that we will mess up more times than we can count, and it won't be the first or the last mistake we'll make in our lifetime. The only truth is Jesus Christ holds the title of perfection exclusively all by Himself!!!

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Philippians 4:13
"I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me"

Authoress Terry Lyle has a message for every living soul: God always loves you! Her unique writing style immediately draws you into her journey as though she already knows and trusts you with the intimacy of her experiences. You can only be blessed by reading this book because it has a special and unique spirit that flows through each page. She is your new friend and confidant. For sure, This a must and great read. Enjoy! I sure did, thanks Terry for sharing your soul with us.

The author has been through the ringer .. Explore the illicit details of her explicit trials & tribulations. A literary break-through.

Linda Diane Wattley

Ramzy Sweis

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