Back in Those Bible Days

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Back in the beginning when God created man
because of His awesome wisdom,
He executed his earthly plan.

God created the heavens out of love
The earth, the moon and the stars
He created all things, below and above.

God even created time just for you and me
so humanity could enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

Unfortunately like everything else,
man has made a huge mistake.

Man did what he wanted even...
when common sense made him hesitate.

Between Adam and Eve they just wouldn't wait.
Satan also knew the rules and he used it just like bait.

Satan tricked Eve...
urging her to bite her fruit real quick
His words were smooth as butter
as he laid it on real thick.

Satan instinctively saw her as this naive little fish
as he promised her things she never knew about
and giving her whatever she could wish.

But by then her curiosity
had gotten the best of her

Eve fell for Satan's words
and she readily did concur

This was a sign missed by Eve
that it was now way too late
she went up against Satan
who had all the time to wait

Satan could see her eagerness
as her mind began to twirl
she didn't realize
she had everything already,
she could have imagined in this world
I guess she felt flattered
by all the attention that she had received.

I guess vanity started long ago
With the first woman that God named Eve.
At least I'd like to think so
and that is what I believe

Woe to Eve because she ignored
God's simple request,
God said she could not eat
from the tree of knowledge
but she could eat from all the rest

It was way too late for Eve,
she had sealed her unsuspecting fate.

A choice I'm sure back then
that she evidentially grew to hate.

It's a shame God's words
Eve chose not to believe.

That is why the scriptures
found her eating that fruit beneath that glorious tree.
She lost her chance at eternity
that was available for humanity for free

"If you want to be like God"
Satan whispered
then you need to listen only to me.

Now eat upon this fruit Eve
my words you can believe and as
history shows that she ate the fruit indeed.

Satan smiled and gave her the nod
this is all you have to do Eve
"If you wish to be like God!"

Satan hid his dark envy
behind smiles laced with sinister hate.

He sensed that Eve was ready
and was going to take the bait.
Satan tricked Eve and
naked she realized that she was.

Seeing for the first time with new eyes
that she was exposing her bodily fuzz
This disobedience was now the topic of the garden's buzz.

We still read about it today
when we read the bible just because.

All of creation was shocked
when they learned that Eve
allowed God rules to be mocked.

With the revelation at what Eve had done…
that all the animals
that were near to her
in fear immediately took off and started to run.

All the animals hung their heads down low
and shook their unbelieving heads
still couldn't imagine that thing
that Eve had stupidly did.

Now in the Garden of Eden they hid behind a bush
a lot of things were exposed that day even her supple little tush.

They couldn't hide from the eyes of God,
though earnestly that's what they tried to do

Adam got him a huge fig leaf
and Eve had gotten one too.

Then Adam complained "it was Eve's fault
God this help-mate that you gave to me"

but Adam fell under Eve's charm and ate
too that fruit beneath the tree.

He had his own choice of eternity
he also blew indeed
while trying to cast seeds of doubt
by blaming only Eve.

Now because of this,
death has claimed her stake
many lives now belongs to the angel of death
resulting from Eve's untimely mistake.

The body count is rising at every turn and wake,
The things we seemed to use to love
now it seems we love to hate.

We used to live for hundreds of years
and now it's down to a few.

How foolish the choice
Eve had made
Is now affecting me and you.

We lost our shot at eternal life
Now what is man to do?

Satan he was very slick as
he smoothly talked to Eve,

She ignored what God had said
and Satan she chose to believe.

Adam should have willingly,
taken some of the blame.

He also knew of God's restrictions
and he disobeyed them just the same.

We've inherited death, sickness
and mental illness too
we even acquired the disease
called Polio and the Flu.

Now our mindsets have been corrupted
our marriages they seem not to last.

Our problems started out long ago
when Eve acted out too fast.

Doing what she knew was wrong,
God warned what not to do
but Eve even encouraged that stupid Adam,
who ate the forbidden apple too.

Now both were kicked out of the garden
and sent out on their own....
Praise God for salvation....

Jesus has provided us a way back home!