Being homeless can happen to any man, and because of my story I know that it can. Lost without shelter and nowhere to go, my daily struggle is the only thing that I know. I lost my job then my home went next. Things went bad so quickly, I thought I was hexed. When you look in my eyes, please don't see a bum; just see the worst that my life has become. I only wish I knew how to get back on my feet, my life is so bleak that I feel the defeat. It's hard to be hopeful when you've lost all you had. Today inside I only feel sad. I survive on handouts, as the people pass me by. I smile thank-you while inside I cry. I've heard that brighter days are coming, and I hope that will be, because right now being homeless is all that I see. Opportunities pass because of economic lost; can't even build on the skills that I have been taught. My clothes are tattered and worn straight through, no longer providing warmth, not even my shoes. I huddled up so tight, trying to keep myself warm, no space in the shelter living type dorms. The weather is threatening to be really bad; a plas- tic bag to cover me is all that I had. But I'm not discouraged and I look straight ahead, tomorrow might be my chance to secure me a bed. So today when I arise and look all around, I hope a warm bed is there to be found. I'm down on my luck and this thing is true, remember my story could easily happen to you.

Being Homeless

Authoress Terry E. Lyle