Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Disabled is what I don't want to be, unfortunately, that is what I see. My body doesn't work the way it used to. It aches real badly and I can't even tie my shoes. Bending over has become a chore, the pain is intense and I can't take anymore. I'm popping pills each and every day in hopes that my pain will soon go away. Little things I used to do are helpful things, now done by you. People are helpful as they see your struggles, even on a plane they help you buckle. Wheelchair clients they will go on first, because we all realize, their pain is the worst. No longer take for granted, the good health that you have, unless you enjoy sit- ting on your ass. Think how hard it is to clean yourself, when you need the help of someone else! You sit in a chair trying to fix your meals; because you can't afford to have anything spill. Laundry day is truly a drag; having to sort clothes in two different bags. Bending over is hard on the back, the slightest move and it's gone out of whack. Now let me tell you about the knees; they will swell and ache and you can't walk with ease. When your eyes start to mess up and you don't see too well, you will squint, like there's something bad that you smell. If any part of the body isn't feeling too good, and the things you wanted to do you wish that you could, that's a sign that you have been labeled, and unfortunately the term is called disabled.