I'm Naughty, Not Nasty

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

I love intimacy and I like to be touched
Caress me all over and even my butt
I love the way your fingers make me feel
When you come to my house the feelings are real

I feel like I'm in heaven whenever you're here
My wants and my needs are made very clear
Nibble on my breast and suck on my toes
Get rough with it, as you snatch off my hose

Sex is normal so please don't trip
Flip me around with your hands on my hip
Get it from behind I really I don't care
Because I'm going to bust my nut
when you're here

I'll do you and you will do me
Because you know I aim strictly to please

I'm not a whore but I'm keeping it real
I love sex and you love beer
But when we come together then
we're off the hook

Because hot and sweaty will be our look
Peek through the windows if you dare
As long as we're getting ours we don't care.

Yes I'm naughty but I'm not nasty
I keep my body clean, I'm a freak and I'm sassy
I love making love that is true
As I make my body do what it do!