Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Being naïve is like believing everything you hear,
Because you thought you had no reasons to fear.
It’s a purity of the heart and mind,
A childlike spirit that’s hard to find.
With innocence you see the world anew,
With open eyes and a heart so true,
But in the innocence of the heart,
There’s a resilience, that sets us apart,
So hold onto your innocence, my friend,
For it’s a special treasure that comes from within,
So, I embrace my naïveté, for what it’s worth,
That special quality I received at birth.
With my eyes wide open, yet I was blind to see,
Those hidden dangers, lurking in front of me.
But as I grew and learned the ways of life,
I realized evil, would stir up a fight.
For people can be cruel, and often fake,
Trust can be broken with a single hand shake.
I learned to be cautious and to guard my heart,
To question everything right from the start.
To look beneath the surface and not be deceived,
By the smooth talkers and their flattery.
Yet despite the lessons and the scars I bear,
To find someone naïve is truly rare,
A sense of trust I wish I could share,
But being naïve haven’t got me nowhere.
It was a brutal life lesson I just had to bear.