Stay on Alert

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

Just stopped by to say stay on alert, be careful with the person with whom you choose to flirt, everyone may look and appear to be normal but don't believe everything you hear. This is your Warning!!!

Adults and even kids must remember safety warnings that were drilled into their heads. It's sad the way things are today. It's best to remember to always pray!

We remember what we call simpler times but we ignored the facts that there still were crimes.

Murder, kidnapping and insidious violations has gripped then and now an entire nation.

Criminal investigations are better now but don't kid ourselves evil still lurks around.

For sure when you travel alone at night you need to have some protection and prepare to fight.

Let someone else know of your schedule so they can check on you until in your home you are nestled.

Stay on alert is a powerful request, given by loved ones who wish you the best.

Stay on alert in all you do and guard against becoming a victimized fool

Sometimes you can be the problem for others, because heeding safety warnings you never cared to bother.

Now you have forgotten to put on the burglar alarm, welcoming home invasions which will cause plenty harm.

Use a code word to let others know you're in danger when they see you nervous beside a stranger

Excuses and apologies they will not work, when you were told many times to stay on alert.

Stay on alert in all that you do I would heed this warning when the information is true.