Who's there?

Authoress Terry E. Lyle

I hear low sounds of voices as I crouch in my bed
I'm truly alarmed as fear twirls in my head
Who could that be because I live alone?
My conscience says run fool run away from your home
Fear has struck me down and I'm shaken to the core
I visualize being murdered with bloodiness and gore
I'm trembling and my heart is beating fast
I at least need to try to get up and save my ass
I slide off the bed as quietly as I can
Afraid I'd be attacked by the intrusion of a man
I creep slowly towards the back of the door
Excitement is building and I can't take much more
As I open the door wider you couldn't imagine what I saw
The damn TV was on and I said "Oh Laud"
I immediately had a sigh of relief
My imagination had the best of me or so I believed!